For Publishers

We do not store or have any access to your social media accounts credentials. We use twitter official APIs as the publisher of twitpie you can earn cash by tweeting on hashtag campaigns available on your dashboard.

All campaigns show it’s pay per tweet price and description of the campaign please do not post anything misleading or out of scope otherwise, your tweet will be rejected and will not be paid for. YES, the advertiser will have the full control to reject or pay for the leads, in the end, it’s always the advertise decision unless advertisers are rejecting falsely.

All your earnings within our platform are secure and you can withdraw your earnings from the withdraw tab anytime either to your paypal or directly to your bank account, Any banking fees will be bear by the publisher.

We pay only for valid and believable tweets any copy and past tweets will result in rejection and your account getting banned and any pending balances being forfeit for good.


Although we promise and guarantee we will never use any bots to tweet for you, it will be always the real human being and real twitter users who will be tweeting for your campaign, BUT we still cannot give a guarantee about getting your hashtag campaign will start trending on the twitter homepage.

You as the campaign advertiser will have full control of who’s tweeting for you unless you set up everything auto-approved, Manually approval campaigns allow you to see accept applications for whoever wants to tweet for you but it will also give you the burden to attend all the approvals to be made by yourself on the twitpie dashboard and it may slow down tweeting speed. If you are okay about that. We’re all good:)

We are and cannot be held responsible for the contents of the tweets as it doesn’t portray the character or belief of you as an individual or we as a company, but portrays the character or belief of the third-party /twitter user.

We don’t refund any money deposit to your account unless we fail to deliver services.

Please contact us if there’s anything that we missed here to get clarified if in doubt before starting working with us either publisher or advertiser.

Good Luck,

Hope we are clear

The Twitpie Team,

P.S: We could have posted a long and cliche lenghty terms and conditions content but we believe to be transparent and reveal only the main parts and the rest. we believe in our product and service and moreover on ourselves that we will serve you nothing but the best