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Twitpie is a hashtag twitter ad platform where twitters users will get paid to make tweets for our advertisers.

Faqs and information

Follow this link and tap on login by twitter, authorized the app and setup your information and you are done.

Once you logged in to our platform and publisher’s dashboard you will see view campaign tab. You can view several active campaigns and payouts per tweet, if you are interested to tweet click on i’m tweeting button on top the screen and tweet using the sponsor hashtag, once tweeted copy the status url from twitter and paste the url into the submit form and press submit.

The minimum payout set per tweet is $0.20 but most of the advertisers are encouraged to pay higher then the minimum in order to encourage more quality users to tweet for them.

Currently, we have two options, Paypal and direct bank transfers, We encourage paypal for smaller amounts to pay instantly and bank transfers for bigger payouts.

If you do quality and logical tweeting , then there is no limit you can participate in all the campaigns available in your geo-zone

Ofcourse! we will be available on live chats throughout the day and night