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Let's twitter users tweet for your brand, services, products and get engaged

Start people discussing your brand.

Regardless of what kind of product or service, it shall have a word of mouth!

Hundreds if not thousands products and services are launched on month to month basis across the globe. But we only get to know only a Fraction 1% of their existence, Its purely because lack of word of mouth and social networks like twitters are one of the best channel to promote your brand or services online.


Difference between paid advertising and honest word to mouth campaigns are the later actually create awareness which turns into getting more sales of your company.


Twitpie is a all in one solution to start paid trending campaigns on twitter by paying real twitter users to make tweets for your company, brand, product or services, which channelize into discussions over social media users.



Instant Start trending....

Super self-served userfriendly interface to takes less than (5)mins to set up your new hashtag campaign and let begin Twitter users across the world start tweeting about your brand and services.  

Time your campaign

Setting start time to end time of the campaign is very easy within the platform. You control when you want users to start tweeting for you and when it should end. You are the boss

Geography Target

Select the country where you want users to tweet from, You can either choose single or multiple countries, this filter is to reach your audience more precisely

Pay only for quality tweets

As twitpie advertiser you have full control of who tweet for you and you pay only if you like the tweet, any you have full control to reject any inappropriate tweets.

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